Keto Marzipan Pralines

These pralines are super easy to make. Chocolate and marzipan are a perfect marriage. What I like most about these besides how delicious they are is how little time consuming and mess-free this is to make.

Keto Marzipan PralinesKeto Marzipan Pralines


Keto Marzipan PralinesKeto Marzipan Pralines




  1. Melt sugar-free chocolate.
  2. Coat molds with half of the chocolate. Set in the freezer for a few minutes to set. ⁣
  3. Once the chocolate is set, add marzipan to the mold. Don't fully fill the mold, leave a little room for chocolate.⁣
  4. Add the other half of the chocolate on top of the marzipan. Use a cake spatula to make it clean and even. Set back in the freezer for a few minutes. ⁣
  5. Make sure your layer of chocolate is fully set before pushing the pralines out of the mold. ⁣
  6. Drizzle keto Nutella chocolate over the top and set in the freezer for a few minutes (till the Nutella sets). Store in the refrigerator.

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