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My name is Noeke Soechaadaa Dens. I’m a Belgian expat living in Thailand. I’m born and raised in Belgium to a Belgian father and Thai mother.

At the age of 30, my husband and I moved to Uthai Thani, a rural area in Thailand. On this blog I focus on authentic Thai recipes, which I adapted to the keto lifestyle, and places of interest in Thailand.

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Uthai Thani MarketUthai Thani Market
Grilled pork sticks on Uthai Thani marketGrilled pork sticks on Uthai Thani market
Muang Uthai Thani

Living in a rural part of Thailand since 2014

Muang Uthai Thani is the capital city of the rural province Uthai Thani. It's located in the lower North of Thailand. Uthai Thani is well known for its slow life. It’s an authentic, unsoiled, quiet, and beautiful province in Thailand. The locals are relaxed and genuinely friendly. Since it's not a tourist area, there's only authentic Thai food.

The daily market is still an old-school fresh market, where the locals sell their fresh produce everyday. There are no shopping malls or grocery stores, everything is still like in the old days. There's less choices of produce, but very little processed foods and it certainly has its charm.

I like the atmosphere, the people and I love the food here. I'm definitely inspired by the food of Uthai Thani.