Looking for a luxury getaway on a secluded island?

Looking for a luxury getaway on a secluded island?Looking for a luxury getaway on a secluded island?

Photo by The Marriott.

For our staycation we were looking for a resort in Phuket that wouldn't be too crowded.  We wanted a resort where we could stay a few days without having to leave the property, and that would have a luxurious holiday feel. The things that are important for us are a nice pool, friendly staff and a clean comfortable accommodation. With those criteria in mind I found The Naka Island Resort & Spa, Phuket. It is the only resort on Naka Yai Island, a secluded island just off the east coast of Phuket.

From the moment we got off the plane, everything was taken care of by the hotel. They picked us up, drove us to the pier, and brought us to the resort by speedboat. At Naka Island we stepped off the speedboat and immediately felt how relaxing it was there. We were welcomed by Edward. He was very welcoming and professional. Edward told us the ancient legend of how The Naka Islands were created. 

Legend goes there was a mythical dragon roaming around the Andaman Sea, and upon seeing the particularly beautiful area where The Naka Island is found today, he decided that this was where he would lie for his remaining days. When the dragon passed away, he turned into an island. Over many years, due to erosion and weather, this land separated into three smaller islands, Koh Rad (the dragon's head), Koh Naka Yai (the dragon's body), and Koh Naka Noi (the dragon's tail). The story of The Naka Island includes a belief that the dragon's spirit is still here. Upon the arrival to the island, the staff bangs the resort's special hammered-brass gong once to honor the dragon so he will look after the guests during their adventures. Then the guests are allowed to to bang a second time and make a wish that the spirit of the dragon will help come true.

We booked a Deluxe King Room through a Marriott membership program, which would provide us a free upgrade upgrade to the next room category (subjected to availability). I'm not a spiritual person, but the dragon spirit definitely came true when it comes to my wish. We were given an extremely generous upgrade to a tropical pool villa. Outdoors the tropical pool villa has an open air shower, a bathtub, a patio with 2 Thai sitting pillows, 2 sun beds, outdoor sofa, and the piece of resistance a private pool. Inside there's a large comfortable bed, a sofa, a sauna, a shower, spacious bathroom, lots of closet space and also the usual things like tv, fridge, coffee machine, etc. 

Sadly due to covid19 'My Grill Restaurant' was closed. Tonsai Restaurant was open all day. There's not too much keto friendly choices on the menu, so my opinion on the food isn't relevant. The restaurant staff was very friendly and there was a nice extensive kids menu. Breakfast was also served at Tonsai Restaurant, which is located next to the ocean. My husband and I normally don't eat breakfast, so it was really nice to be able to enjoy the sea view in the morning, while our kid had a taste of everything in the buffet. Sipping a fresh coffee or enjoying some bubbles is always more enjoyable with a sea view. 

Next to Tonsai restaurant is The Naka Island Resort & Spa's main pool. It's a freshwater infinity pool overlooking the ocean. There are sunbeds in the pool. Everyday they make fresh complimentary ice cream. There's a daily happy hour, and the cocktails are amazing! Our 3-year-old son loves swimming. So we've spend most of our time in the infinity pool. Luckily there were some water sports to switch it up sometimes.

There are kayaks provided by the resort. It would take approximately 2 hours, to kayak around the island. That's too long to be in the sun with a 3 year old.

We could also utilize the resort’s Stand Up Paddle Board, which my son and I found really fun to do. It was more exciting to paddle around with my son standing up in-between my legs holding on to them, while I paddled us through the ocean. 

There was a fitness with plenty of equipment. You can do a bike tour or a culture walk through the local fishing villages.

I think it is needless to say that we really loved our stay. It was a wonderful stay. I'm pretty sure we will go back there some day. They have an amazing property on a secluded island, which makes it really feel like your in a private paradise. On top of all the luxury you get in The Naka Island Resort & Spa you also get a very professional and friendly staff. They make your stay even more fantastic.

I would definitely recommend staying at The Naka Island Resort & Spa, Phuket if you're looking for a relaxing getaway. I hope to go there again soon!

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